How To Create A PORSCHE Forex Strategy
How To Create A PORSCHE Forex Strategy

How To Create A PORSCHE Forex Strategy

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Many people who want to start trading forex start by looking at how other traders do it. But many traders want to know how to start with their trading strategy. It’s easy to come up with a trading strategy. It’s hard to come up with a trading strategy that will make you money and let you buy a Porsche.

Start with the right thoughts. It’s easy to make a trading strategy. You can do it if you know how to use trading software and signals. On the other hand, you shouldn’t think that your first trading strategy will start making you a millionaire. It is hard to find an objective trading edge.

You will know that making money trading is about more than just how you trade. The best and most long-term method is to develop your forex trading strategy. Here are the steps that Forex Robot Nation says you should take to make a forex trading strategy.

Find a Market

If you want to trade in foreign currencies, get a currency quote, so you know what you’re buying and selling. Make sure you understand how the different forex brokers work. You need to know how to figure out the margin. 

If you choose stocks, you need to know what share means. You should know how different a penny stock is from a blue chip. You must understand each market. But you can’t start learning in depth until you choose the market you want to work in.

Pick a time frame for trading.

Choosing a trading time frame is hard before you have any trading experience. You won’t know if you’re better at daily swing trading or trading quickly. So, to start, you can think about your circumstances. When you trade fast time frames, you get feedback quickly, which shortens the time it takes to learn.

Even if you use long timelines, what you learn from intraday price movements will still be useful. Start with the edge charts if you can’t keep an eye on the forex market for a long time. You can learn enough about swing trading with hard work to decide if it’s right for you.

Choose a tool to find the trend.

When you see a Pin Bar, you don’t trade; you trade when the market is high and use a bullish Pin Bar to start your trade. You do not barter if you pinpoint a Gimmee Bar. If you think the market is going nowhere, you trade. Choose a reliable tool to help you figure out how the market is doing.

Define the Entry Trigger

Even if the market conditions are right, you still want a goal entry trigger because it will help you jump into the market without any doubt or hesitation. Both candlestick patterns and bar patterns can be used as useful signals. When you choose indicators, synths like stochastics and RSI are the best.

Plan for the exit trigger

You should have a design for what to perform if things go wrong. You can’t win on the foreign exchange market, which makes you think you’ll lose even more. So, it is important to stop loss. Also, you should consider what you will do if things don’t go as planned. You won’t always win on the forex market. So, you have to know when to make gains and be able to spot them.

Describe the risk

After you have rules for leaving and entering, you should work on limiting risk. Position sizing is the first method for doing this. In a trading setup, the quantity of funds you risk depends on your position size. If you double your bet, the risk will also double. So, pay close attention to the size of the position.

Write down the rules and regulations of forex trading.

At this point, your forex trading strategy is straightforward. You might be able to learn the rules by heart. It would be best if you still wrote down your rules, though. A trading plan is a good way to ensure that you stick to your rules and are consistent. It also keeps records of the trading strategy. If you want to clean it, you will find it useful.

Backtesting the trading strategy

Your next step is to backtest the trading method with the help of written rules. When you have a voluntary trading method, it can be hard to test it in the past. You have to keep track of the trades and price changes on the market by hand.

You can speed up this phase once you have a mechanical strategy and a coding setting. But looking at each trade is a great way to develop your market instinct. This can assist you in thinking of methods to improve your trade.

Plan how to improve your plan or method.

Your first method for trading forex won’t make you money. And that’s all right. Remember that your method is not a fixed thing but a living thing. This will get better as I learn more and get better at it. It would be helpful if you plan to get feedback to improve your trading method. Try out the strategy in the future and keep track of what the market says.

Don’t make big changes to the way you trade currencies.

For this last step, recollect that your goal is to make each trade give you a positive expected value. No good things come out of every trade. Let the numbers do the work, and don’t try to force your will on this market.


You’ll have a good and trustworthy forex trading method if you do what is said. Even if it’s not a golden standard, you make it by trading for a long time and following your style. If you’re lucky, you might be able to buy a Porsche by trading Forex.

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